Living River Group


The Living River Group generally meets the third Tuesday of each month at Vermillion Public Library, 18 Church Street at 7:00 p.m.  At the February 17 Living River Group meeting Tim Cowman will join us to discuss existing and potential future hiking trails along the Missouri River. He will also give an update on upcoming activities along the MNRR Water Trail.   For more information about our group, please contact us.


Living River Group

Living River Executive Committee
Chair – James Heisinger
Vice Chair – John Davidson
Treasurer – Nancy Carlsen
Chapter delegate – Jerry Wilson
Excom members – Nancy Carlsen, John Davidson, Vikki Fix, James Heisinger, Cindy Kirkeby, Dean Spader, Jerry Wilson, Norma Wilson, Barbara Yelverton
Outing Chair – Maggie Pettersen
Phone Tree Coordinator – Cindy Kirkeby
Political Chair – Norma Wilson
Webmaster – Vikki Fix

See a complete listing of our accomplishments.